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While we all love Berlin, of course, Potsdam is also perfect as your new home with a royal heritage. Nestled amidst green spaces, the ZIMMEREI building is close to the Volkspark, which not only represents the perfect setting for picnics, sport and barbecues, but is also home to more than 20,000 exotic plants at Biosphäre Potsdam. With its numerous communal spaces, ZIMMEREI Potsdam also offers plenty of scope for interesting encounters, just like in the heyday of the royal court. Find a suitable flat with us and rent your new apartment in Potsdam!

Rent your apartment in Potsdam

Exemplary illustration

Bigger Bude

Need a little more space? Not a problem. Fully furnished, just like all our apartments.
  • 1 room
  • +20 m²
  • furnished
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Exemplary illustration

Large Bude

Not small, not huge, but more than enough space for all your needs.
  • 1 room
  • +25 m²
  • furnished
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Maxi Bude

Our max apartments can accommodate big plans and big ideas, so give yourself some space.
  • 1–2 rooms
  • +33 m²
  • furnished
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XL Bude

If you want a loft feeling or have plenty of stuff to store, this is the largest and most spacious option.
  • 2 rooms
  • +40 m²
  • furnished
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Fixtures and fittings at a glance

No moving truck, no lugging boxes - and the lights, we've already put them in place: just arrive and look forward to your start-up-clear apartment! Included in each pad are:

All-inclusive apartments

  • Fully furnished
  • Fitted kitchen
  • Bathroom with shower
  • No hidden
    costs & fees

Community spaces

  • Bike stands
  • Car parking to let
  • Communal areas
  • Laundry rooms

Digital convenience

  • High-speed Wi-Fi
  • Digital documents
  • App-based tenant services
All easy, all digital, all without hidden costs or processing fee!

Explore your new neighbourhood!

What stops are there near me? Where is the best place to go shopping? And how far away is my campus? We’ve got all the answers, allowing you to enjoy your new hood.

Postfiliale Postfiliale REWE REWE Waldpark Waldpark Heiliger See Heiliger See Großer Wiesenpark Großer Wiesenpark Potsdam, Campus Fachhochschule Potsdam, Campus Fachhochschule FH Potsdam FH Potsdam Am Schragen Am Schragen Am Schragen/ Russische Kolonie Am Schragen/ Russische Kolonie


  • UCI Luxe Potsdam
    4,9 km
  • Great Meadow Park
    0,5 km
  • Forest Park
    0,2 km
  • Sanssouci Palace
    1,88 km

Public Transport

  • UAS Campus
    0,3 km
  • Am Schragen
    0,9 km
  • Am Schragen/Russian Colony
    0,7 km

Daily Life

  • Deutsche Kreditbank
    1,6 km
  • Post Office
    0,7 km
  • REWE
    1,7 km
  • SPAR
    1,3 km

Uni & Campus

  • UAS Potsdam
    0,6 km
  • Potsdam University
    5,3 km
  • UMC Potsdam
    3,6 km