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Can I paint the walls pink? Where can I keep my racing bike? And do I need to pay a deposit when I move in? Here, you can find out everything you need to know as a tenant.

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For students

Ready, study, go!

Yeah! You’ve been approved for your course! And here at DIE ZIMMEREI, we’ve taken care of everything so that you can concentrate on becoming a lawyer, doctor or criminologist: all-inclusive living and friendly people to chat to, all just a stone’s throw away from your new campus in your new favourite city.

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Digital renting

Dir gefällt, was du auf unserer 360°-Tour siehst? In nur fünf digitalen Schritten mietest du dir deine Wohnung in der ZIMMEREI einfach online.

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Extremely central

Deine neue Uni, deine neue City und diese Bar, von der alle reden: DIE ZIMMEREI liegt so zentral, dass du alles schnell und smooth erreichst.

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Nice people

Wenn du willst, ist DIE ZIMMEREI auch Community. Zum Plaudern, Kochen, Lernen oder gemeinsamen Chillen in den Gemeinschaftsräumen.

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All inclusive

Möbel und Küche, Strom und Wasser, kostenloses WLAN, keine Bearbeitungsgebühren und ein Stellplatz für dein Rad – safe! Was jetzt nur noch fehlt, bist du.

For young professionals

New town, new you.

You’ve finished your training and/or degree – and you even have your dream job to boot! And now the hunt for an apartment in your new city can go just as smoothly, because renting a fully furnished apartment online with DIE ZIMMEREI means you don’t lose any time. From the rental contract to the rental service, everything is digital with us.

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Home and office

Live and work in apartments from basic to XL – and achieve your perfect work–life balance with DIE ZIMMEREI.

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It’s all there

Wi-Fi – an essential! Plus, all apartments come with water and electricity, furnishings from bed to desk, and a state-of-the-art kitchen.

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Get around easily

Whatever city you choose, your ZIMMEREI apartment is always central and close to everything you need for work and living.

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Networking made easy

Enjoy your peace and quiet or use the communal area as a co-working space: DIE ZIMMEREI is exactly the community you want it to be.

For parents

The kids are alright.

They used to rely on you all the time and suddenly they are in a different city. But fear not: DIE ZIMMEREI has taken care of everything. The furniture is in place, the electricity up and running and the Wi-Fi ready for your FaceTime calls. And digital services such as the tenant app make living easier for you and your kids.

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Apartment sorted

Simply rent a new apartment for your kids in a new city online: in five simple steps and without any unwanted surprises.

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Set costs

DIE ZIMMEREI believes in flat-rate rentals. In other words, you pay a set price and we take care of the rest.

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Everything in place

Bed, desk, electricity, Wi-Fi, kitchen and community – check! All apartments come with everything your kids need to feel at home.

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Cut the red tape

Where did I put that handover checklist? Thanks to the ZIMMEREI app, you have all the paperwork at your fingertips, ready to print and send and impossible to lose.


Rent online. Move in easily.
  • What do I need to rent a flat?

    Just a few minutes: You can rent your new flat online in five simple steps. Find out how to do it here.

  • What documents are required?

    Your ID, a self-disclosure form, proof of salary and confirmation that you have no rental debts, and a residence permit if necessary. You can find out more after registering in our easy online rental process.

  • What does the online rental process look like?

    You can rent your flat at ZIMMEREI without even having to be there. View, ask questions, apply, sign the tenancy agreement and move in: It’s all easy online with us in just five simple steps.

  • Do I need a certificate of freedom from rent arrears?

    You need a corresponding certificate for all ZIMMEREI locations in Germany. This is one of the documents you need to upload in our easy online rental process.


    For ZIMMEREI in Vienna, you do not need a certificate of freedom from rent arrears.

  • Do you need a certificate of enrolment from me?

    Only if you want to live in our ZIMMEREI in Cologne or Bayreuth. Because we only rent them out to students and trainees, we need a corresponding certificate there. In all other ZIMMEREI we do not need this.

  • When can I start renting a flat?

    You decide when you want to move in! We’ll tell you whether a flat is available for you after your application in our easy online rental process.

  • Can I view the flats beforehand?

    You can take a look at your new home on our 360° tour. If you like it, simply start our easy online rental process. If you have any questions, just send us a message.

  • I am not yet 18, can I still rent a flat?

    Of course, you are also very welcome here. We will then conclude your rental contract with a parent or guardian.

  • What costs will I incur?

    At ZIMMEREI, you pay an all-inclusive rent that covers all costs and utilities such as water, electricity, heating and internet. The amount depends on the size of your chosen accommodation and can be checked on the location page of your new city.

  • Are there any additional costs?

    We don’t like hidden costs. That’s why we don’t have any, and there’s no processing fee either. In addition to your all-inclusive rent, you only pay your GEZ fees.

  • How much is the deposit?

    The following applies to all locations in Germany:
    The deposit is three net rents (excluding service charges), which you pay either in full or in three monthly instalments.


    The following applies to the location in Vienna:
    The deposit at ZIMMEREI Vienna is two net rents (excluding service charges), which you pay either in full or in two monthly instalments.

  • Is there a minimum rental period?

    Rental contracts in the ZIMMEREI are open-ended and have a minimum rental period of six months.

  • What documents do I need to bring with me when I move in?

    On the day you move in, we only need a valid identity card or passport and, if applicable, a power of attorney from you.

Your apartment. What's inside?
  • What types of flat are there?

    Our flats are called Buden and range from Basic to XL.

  • How do I access the WiFi?

    As soon as you become a tenant with us, you will receive all the information and your access data in the tenant app.

  • What do I need to bring with me when I move in?

    Our flats are furnished. In addition, you only need to bring your own bedding (pillow, duvet, duvet cover); we have mattresses on site. You should also bring everything you need for the bathroom and kitchen: towels and a toothbrush mug, some cutlery and a pot, pan and the like.

  • Are there car parking spaces?

    Availability varies depending on the location. You can find out more here.

  • Where can I park my bike?

    Depending on the ZIMMEREI, there are bicycle parking spaces outside or in the BIKEREI in the basement.

  • How is my flat furnished?

    Each flat has a bed (including mattress), a desk with chair, shelves, a wardrobe and a small kitchenette with two ceramic hobs, a microwave, a fridge with freezer compartment, a sink, lighting and storage space. The bathroom has a shower and WC, and the cloakroom has a mirror with lighting. And of course WLAN is also part of your fixed equipment.

  • How can I furnish my home?

    Just as you like! The existing furniture is a permanent fixture. You can hang up pictures, put up decorative items and roll out carpets. Only when you move out does everything have to be as it was before.

  • Can I exchange furniture?

    All furniture is part of the permanent furnishings and must remain in the flat. However, you can add your own furniture if you wish.

  • Can I paint my room or hang up pictures?

    Can I paint my room or hang up pictures?Unfortunately not, please keep the walls white. Wallpapering is also not permitted. However, you can put up posters and pictures with adhesive tape. In any case, in such a way that no holes are left in the walls. Drilling, dowelling and hammering in nails is not permitted. This applies not only to the walls, but also to the window frames and doors.

  • Can I lay carpet, parquet or laminate?

    Anything that needs to be glued down is not permitted. However, you can of course roll out loose carpets.

  • Can I plug in my own devices?

    You are welcome to bring anything you can plug into the socket. Modifications to the gas, electrical, water and sewage installations or to the appliances and fittings we have already connected are not permitted. You are also not allowed to permanently install aerials or signs. This applies to your own flat as well as to the communal areas and the outside area.

  • Are there crockery and cutlery in the kitchen?

    No, you bring your own.

  • Do I have a telephone connection in my flat?

    No, there is no classic landline connection.

  • Where do I wash and dry my laundry?

    In every ZIMMEREI there is also a laundry room, the WÄSCHEREI. A notice explains how to do your laundry here and what you need to look out for. You can also find all the information in the tenant app.

  • Is there a cleaning service?

    Of course! The cleanliness of the communal areas is taken care of. We entrust your own four walls entirely to you.

  • What communal areas are there?

    This varies depending on the location of your ZIMMEREI. For example, there are (roof) terraces, learning lounges, rooms for chilling out, communal kitchens and sometimes even a fitness room. You can find out more on the respective location page.

  • Are there cellar or storage rooms?

    In some ZIMMEREI there are, yes! You can find out more on the respective location page.

  • Where can I smoke?

    Smoking is not permitted in your flat. However, you can smoke anywhere outside.

New City. New Home.
  • Do I have to register in my new city?

    Absolutely! You will receive a landlord’s confirmation of residence from us when you hand over your flat. You will need this to register with the residents’ registration office in your new place of residence.

  • Can I register DIE ZIMMEREI as my main residence?

    Yes, of course. You must at least register your flat with us as a secondary residence.

  • Will I receive a landlord confirmation?

    Sure, we’ll provide you with this automatically from and in your tenant app. You need it to register with the residents’ registration office at your new place of residence.

  • Can friends visit me?

    Absolutely! Friends are welcome. But be considerate of the other tenants. That way it will be nice for everyone.

  • Can I bring a pet with me?

    We decide that on a case-by-case basis. But we’ll definitely turn a blind eye to your tortoise. If you look after it well! In the ZIMMEREI everyone should be well.

  • Can I recommend friends?

    Can I recommend friends?With pleasure! Just keep an eye out for our regular refer-a-friend campaigns. You’ll receive a thank you for every referral.

  • Can I sublet my flat?

    No, that is not possible

Daily Living. Who is there for me?
  • Do I have a contact person on site?

    Yes and no. If you have a concern, please let us know via the tenant app. We will decide on a case-by-case basis whether someone will come to you to solve your problem.

  • Can I also contact you by post?

    Of course you can. Just use our postbox. Our tip: Use the tenant app and reach us even faster.

  • Who do I contact in an absolute emergency?

    Who do I contact in an absolute emergency?You will find notices with emergency numbers in the entrance area or corridor of every ZIMMEREI. However, please only call them if you really need urgent help, e.g. if there is a fire, the heating breaks down or there is water damage. All other issues should be dealt with via the tenant app.

  • What does DIE ZIMMEREI do for my security?

    Most ZIMMEREIEN properties are secured by video cameras in the entrance areas, communal areas and underground car parks. There are also fire alarms in most buildings and regular maintenance is carried out.

  • What if I’ve broken something?

    What if I’ve broken something?Shit happens! But don’t worry. Report the damage via the tenant app and we’ll take care of solving the problem together. We’ll also find a good way to cover the costs.

  • Where and how do I receive my parcels?

    They will be delivered directly to you or, if you are not at home, forwarded to a pick-up point of the delivery company. To ensure that everything arrives safely, always order parcels in your name and your flat number, i.e:

    Address of your ZIMMEREI
    Flat number
    c/o name of the tenant

    If there is already a parcel box at your location, you can also have your parcel delivered there directly. You can find instructions here.

Extract. The last step.
  • What do I need to consider if I want to give notice on my flat?

    What do I need to consider if I want to give notice on my flat?It’s a shame you’re leaving us! You can only cancel in writing and the cancellation period is three months.

  • What do I need to consider when moving out of my flat?

    When you move out, please leave your flat as you received it: furnished, clean, intact, with white walls and no personal belongings. (Unfortunately, we cannot make any exceptions to this rule).

  • Do I get a certificate of no rent arrears when I move out?

    We will be happy to issue it on request and after checking. It will then be available to you digitally in your tenant app.

  • When will I get my deposit back?

    The following applies to all German locations:
    As soon as we have accepted your flat without any complaints after you have moved out, you will get your deposit back as soon as possible, but after a maximum of 6 months.


    The following applies to the Vienna location:
    As soon as we have inspected your flat without any complaints after you have moved out, you will get your deposit back as soon as possible, but after a maximum of 6 weeks.

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