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Can I paint the walls pink? Where can I keep my racing bike? And do I need to pay a deposit when I move in? Here, you can find out everything you need to know as a tenant.

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For students

Drei jnge Erwachsene sitzen auf einem Sofa, zwei essen, eine hat ein Bier in der Hand
Ready, study, go!

Yeah! You’ve been approved for your course! And here at DIE ZIMMEREI, we’ve taken care of everything so that you can concentrate on becoming a lawyer, doctor or criminologist: all-inclusive living and friendly people to chat to, all just a stone’s throw away from your new campus in your new favourite city.

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Digital renting

You like what you’ve seen on our 360° tour? In just five digital steps, you can rent your new ZIMMEREI apartment online.

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Extremely central

Your new uni, your new city and this bar that everyone’s talking about: DIE ZIMMEREI is so central that you can get everywhere easily.

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Nice people

If you want it to be, DIE ZIMMEREI is also a community. Whether chatting, cooking, studying or hanging out together in the communal areas.

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All inclusive

Furniture and a fitted kitchen, water, electricity, no processing fees, free Wi-Fi and a parking space for your bike – guaranteed. All that’s missing is you.

For young professionals

Zwei junge Frauen schauen gemeinsam auf einen Laptop
New town, new you.

You’ve finished your training and/or degree – and you even have your dream job to boot! And now the hunt for an apartment in your new city can go just as smoothly, because renting a fully furnished apartment online with DIE ZIMMEREI means you don’t lose any time. We handle everything digitally, from the rental agreement to tenant services.

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Home and office

Live and work in apartments from basic to XL – and achieve your perfect work–life balance with DIE ZIMMEREI.

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It’s all there

Wi-Fi – an essential! Plus, all apartments come with water, electricity, any charges, furnishings from bed to desk, and a state-of-the-art kitchen.

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Get around easily

Whatever city you choose, your ZIMMEREI apartment is always central and close to everything you need for work and living.

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Networking made easy

Enjoy your peace and quiet or use the communal area as a co-working space: DIE ZIMMEREI is exactly the community you want it to be.

For parents

Drei Frauen auf einem Sofa, gemütliche Situation, alle lächeln
The kids are alright.

They used to rely on you all the time and suddenly they are in a different city. But fear not: DIE ZIMMEREI has taken care of everything. The furniture is in place, the electricity up and running and the Wi-Fi ready for your FaceTime calls. And digital services like the tenant app mean easy living for you and your kids.

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Apartment sorted

Simply rent a new apartment for your kids in a new city online: in five simple steps and without any unwanted surprises.

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Set costs

DIE ZIMMEREI believes in flat-rate rentals. In other words, you pay a fixed price with no hidden costs or additional processing fee and we take care of the rest.

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Everything in place

Bed, desk, electricity, Wi-Fi, kitchen and community – check! All apartments come with everything your kids need to feel at home.

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Cut the red tape

Where did I put that handover checklist? Thanks to the ZIMMEREI app, you have all the paperwork at your fingertips, ready to print and send and impossible to lose.


Rent online. Move easyly.
  • What do I need to rent an apartment?

    Just a few minutes of your time, as you can rent your flat online in five simple steps. Find out how here.

  • What documents do I need to rent an apartment?

    Your ID, a self-disclosure form, proof of income, confirmation of rent paid and, where applicable, a residence permit. Find out more following registration in our simple online rental process.

  • What is the simple online rental process?

    You can rent your ZIMMEREI apartment without ever visiting it: take the online tour, ask any questions, apply, sign the rental agreement and move in. It’s all done online in five simple steps.

  • Do I need a certificate of rent paid?

    You need a corresponding certificate for all ZIMMEREI locations in Germany. This is one of the documents you need to upload in our easy online rental process.


    For the ZIMMEREI in Vienna, you do not need a certificate of freedom from rent arrears.

  • Do I need to provide proof of enrolment?

    Only if you’re planning to live at the ZIMMEREI locations in Cologne or Bayreuth. Because these apartments are only let to students and apprentices, we require corresponding proof. We don’t need any proof at our other ZIMMEREI locations.

  • From when can I start the rental?

    Just tell us when you want to move in and we’ll tell you whether an apartment is available after you’ve applied via our simple online rental process.

  • Can I view apartments beforehand?

    You can check out your new home in advance using our 360° tour.* If you like what you see, just complete our simple online rental process. If you have any questions, just send us a message.

    *Available soon for all locations

  • I am not yet 18. Can I still rent an apartment?

    Of course, and we look forward to welcoming you. We will conclude the rental agreement with a parent/guardian.

  • What costs can I expect?

    With DIE ZIMMEREI, you pay an all-inclusive rent that covers all charges and ancillary costs such as water, electricity, heating and Internet. The level of this rent depends on the size of the apartment chosen and you can check it on the location page for your new city.

  • Are there any additional costs?

    We think hidden costs are stupid. That’s why we don’t have them, and we don’t charge a handling fee. On top of your all-inclusive rent, you only pay your GEZ fees.

  • How much is the deposit?

    This applies to all locations in Germany:
    The deposit is three net rents (excluding service charges), which you pay either in full or in three monthly installments.


    The following applies to the location in Vienna:
    The deposit at ZIMMEREI Vienna is two net rents (excluding service charges), which you pay either in full or in two monthly installments.

  • What is the minimum rental term of an apartment?

    Rental agreements with DIE ZIMMEREI are unlimited and have a minimum term of six months.

  • What documents do I need to bring when I move in?

    On the day itself, we only need a valid ID card/passport and, where applicable, a power of attorney from you.

Your apartment. What’s inclusive?
  • What apartment types are available?

    Our apartments range from basic to XL.

  • What do I have to bring with me when I move in?

    Our apartments are furnished. Just bring your own bedding (pillows, duvet, sheets); we have mattresses here. You should also bring whatever you need for the bathroom and kitchen, e.g. towels and toothbrush mugs, some cutlery, pots and pans, etc.

  • How can I access the Wi-Fi?

    Once you become a tenant, we will provide you with login details and instructions via the tenant app.

  • Are there any car parking spaces?

    There are always some, but certain locations have more than others. Send us a message if you want to know how much it costs to rent a parking space at your location.

  • Where can I park my bike?

    Depending on the ZIMMEREI location, there will be bike stands either outside or in the cellar.

  • How is my apartment furnished?

    Every apartment comes with a bed (incl. mattress), a desk plus chair, shelves, a wardrobe and a small kitchenette with two ceramic hotplates, a microwave, a fridge-freezer, sink, lighting and storage space. The bathroom includes a shower and toilet, whereas the cloakroom features an illuminated mirror. Also, Wi-Fi is always included.

  • How can I decorate my apartment?

    However you like! Although the furniture provided belongs to the set fixtures and fittings, you can still hang up pictures, put up decorative items and lay down rugs. Just remember that you have to restore the apartment to its original condition when you move out.

  • Can I replace furniture?

    All furniture belongs to the set fixtures and fittings and always has to stay in the apartment. But if you want, you can supplement it with your own furnishings.

  • Can I drill holes in the wall or paint the room?

    Unfortunately not. We kindly ask you to keep your walls white. You can, however, put up pictures and posters with sticky tape, but please ensure that no holes are left in the wall.

  • Can I lay carpets or laminate/parquet flooring?

    Anything that has to be affixed is not permitted. You can, of course, put down loose rugs.

  • Can I connect my own appliances?

    Feel free to bring anything that you can plug into a socket. However, it is not permitted to alter the gas, electricity, water and sanitation installations or any appliances and fittings already installed by us. You may also not install any antennae or signs. This applies both to your own apartment and the communal/outdoor areas.

  • Does the kitchen include cutlery and crockery?

    No, please bring your own.

  • Will there be a telephone line in my apartment?

    No, the apartments do not have a classic landline.

  • Where can I do my laundry?

    Every ZIMMEREI location comes with a laundry room. A notice will explain how to use it and what rules you need to observe. You can also find all this information in the tenant app.

  • Is there a cleaning service?

    Sure! The cleanliness of the common areas is taken care of. We entrust your own four walls entirely to you.

  • What communal areas are available?

    Depending on the location of your ZIMMEREI, you will find, for example, (roof) terraces, study lounges, chill-out areas, shared kitchens and sometimes even a gym. Find out more on the location page.

  • Are there any cellar or storage spaces?

    Yes, at some ZIMMEREI locations. Find out more on the location page.

  • Where can I smoke?

    Smoking is not permitted inside your apartment, but you can smoke anywhere outside.

New city. New home.
  • Do I have to register my address in my new city?

    Absolutely! When we hand over the apartment, we will provide you with a landlord confirmation. You need this whenever you register your address with the residence registration office.

  • Can I register DIE ZIMMEREI as my main residence?

    Yes, of course. In fact, you have to register your apartment with us at least as your second residence.

  • Will I receive a landlord confirmation?

    Of course. We will issue this automatically via your tenant app. You need this confirmation in order to register your new city and address as your place of residence with the residence registration office.

  • Can my friends come round?

    Of course! Your friends are welcome. Please be considerate of other tenants so that everyone is happy.

  • Can I keep a pet in the apartment?

    This is something we decide on a case-by-case basis. We’ll probably turn a blind eye to a tortoise, as long as you take good care of it. After all, we want everyone to feel at home at DIE ZIMMEREI.

  • Can I recommend friends?

    Certainly. Simply look out for our refer-a-friend promotions. You will receive a thank-you gift for each recommendation.

  • Can I sublet my apartment?

    No, this is not permitted.

Everyday life. Facts you have to know.
  • Is there an on-site contact person?

    Yes and no. Please submit any requests via the tenant app. We will then decide on a case-by-case basis whether we need to send anyone out to solve the problem.

  • Can I also contact you by post?

    Certainly. Just use our PO Box. Our tip: Use the tenant app and reach us even faster.

  • Who can I contact in an absolute emergency?

    At every ZIMMEREI location, you will find a list of emergency numbers in the entryway or hall. But please only call if you urgently need assistance, e.g. if there is a fire, the heating stops working or in the event of water damage. Please submit all other enquiries via the tenant app.

  • How does DIE ZIMMEREI keep me safe?

    CCTV surveillance is in place in the entryways, communal areas and underground car parks of most ZIMMEREI locations. Fire alarms are also installed in most buildings, with maintenance performed on a regular basis.

  • Where and how can I receive parcels?

    They will be delivered directly to your apartment or, if you’re not at home, to a collection facility of the parcel company concerned. To avoid any problems, please always include your name and apartment number in the delivery address:

    Address of your ZIMMERE
    Apartment number
    c/o Tenant name

  • How do I get my hands on the cool ZIMMEREI cup and lanyard?

    These are available from our promo team, who will be around at your ZIMMEREI building to help you in the first few days after the changeover. The team consists of other tenants who are already a bit more familiar with the new system, e.g. the new tenant app. Just let them know if you have any questions. They will also show you how to log into the app and assist you if you have any problems.

  • What happens if I break something?

    Shit happens! But don’t worry about it. Notify the damage to us via the tenant app and we’ll help you solve the problem. We’ll also find a solution that suits both parties when it comes to the costs.

Moving out. The last step.
  • What do I have to do if I wish to give notice?

    We’re sorry to see you go. You can only terminate your contract in writing, and a three-month notice period applies.

  • What do I have to do when I move out of my apartment?

    When you move out, please leave your apartment how you found it: furnished, clean, in good condition, with white walls and with no personal belongings (we are unfortunately unable to make an exception here).

  • Will I receive a certificate of rent paid when I move out?

    We will be happy to issue one on request and after review. It will then be available to you digitally in our tenant app.

  • When do I get my deposit back?

    The following applies to all German locations:
    As soon as we have accepted your flat without any complaints after you move out, you will get your deposit back as soon as possible, but after a maximum of 6 months.


    The following applies to the Vienna location:
    As soon as we have inspected your flat without any complaints after you have moved out, you will get your deposit back as soon as possible, but after a maximum of 6 weeks.

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