All new,
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But don’t worry: you won’t even notice much of a change. It would be more accurate to say that everything will be a little better, a little simpler, a little smoother. And more digital. We have put together a set of FAQs to answer all your questions about the new name and what it involves. Check them out!


DIE ZIMMEREI. What’s new?
  • Why is it now DIE ZIMMEREI?

    A new lease of life: it’s not only the name that has changed, but also the property management company.

  • Why has there been a change of property management company?

    In order to make renting and living even more straightforward for you, the owner decided to switch to a new digital management partner, who can offer you completely new services.

  • What new services will DIE ZIMMEREI provide?

    DIE ZIMMEREI has redefined tenant service – and harnesses digital solutions much more than anyone else. This ranges from digitalised buildings and the completely Web-based rental process through to the handy tenant app.

  • Is anything changing for me?

    You will have new contact people, but fundamentally nothing has changed. In fact, some things will become even better. With the tenant app, for instance, you can contact us smoothly and directly and have all your rental information at your fingertips.

  • Will I need to move out or relocate?

    No way. That would be horrible.

  • Will I get a new rental agreement?

    No, the rental agreement stays the same.

  • Will my rent rise on account of the new services?

    No, everything will stay the same here too.

  • I had issued a SEPA direct debit authorisation. Is it still valid?

    Good point! Unfortunately, this authorisation is no longer valid. Please therefore transfer your next rent payment and see the welcome letter for the account details. After that, everything will run as normal via SEPA. We will be in touch with further details.

  • Is there a new bank account for my rent payments?

    Have you previously paid your rent via bank transfer? If so, nothing will change. But to be on the safe side, please read our welcome letter carefully.

  • Do I have to pay another deposit?

    No, nothing will change here either.

  • I still have an unresolved issue. Will the new property management company handle it?

    Of course. If you still have any outstanding enquiries, e.g. relating to water damage, we will look into them straight away. If you are still waiting for a response, please send us a message.

Keep it easy. Use your tenant app.
  • Do I need the tenant app?

    In our opinion, yes. That’s because it makes it easy for you to contact the facilities management team, access documents such as your rental agreement online or report any damage. What’s more, you will find your Wi-Fi login details in the app and you can look forward to many more practical services in the future.

  • What services await me in the tenant app?

    Contact us quickly and easily, access documents such as your rental agreement in digital form and report any damage. You will also find your Wi-Fi login details in the app. We will also be gradually adding many more practical services that make day-to-day living at DIE ZIMMEREI even easier.

  • Is my data secure in the tenant app?

    Completely secure. We store it internally and no one else at all can access it.

  • How quickly will you get back to me in the tenant app?

    As soon as possible. We will do everything we can to find a speedy solution to your enquiry.

  • In the app, will I be communicating with a person or AI?

    Rest assured that your enquiry is always in good hands. We not only have plenty of (real) employees, but will also utilise digital solutions where they make your life and ours easier.

  • Who can help me if the tenant app isn’t working?

    In the first few days after the changeover, we will be on-site to assist you with logging in and using the tenant app. Afterwards (and otherwise), you can contact us by calling the customer service line.

  • My phone is too old for the tenant app. Do I have to call customer service every time?

    We support all operating systems: version 6 and above of Android, and iOS 12 and above on iPhones. The app also works with tablets, so maybe that’s worth a try?

  • Can I use the tenant app in different languages?

    The tenant app is available in German and English, with the default language depending on the settings for your smartphone’s operating system. You can, of course, change the language at any time via the settings in the tenant app.

  • What happens if I don’t want to use the tenant app?

    You can, of course, also contact us via our customer service line or snail mail. But we promise you that the ZIMMEREI app will make your life a lot easier.

Everyday life. Facts you have to know.
  • Who is my contact person now?

    Even though there is no longer an on-site contact person, you can reach us reliably via the tenant app.

  • Can I also contact the facilities management team by phone?

    Yeah, sure. Our customer service line is open from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Monday to Friday.

  • There is no one at reception any more. How do I collect my parcels?

    You’re quite right – the parcel room is no longer there. Your parcels will either be delivered straight to your apartment or will be forwarded to a collection facility.

  • What has happened to my previous resident manager?

    Many of your previous contact people are staying on at DIE ZIMMEREI. Although they are no longer on-site 24/7, they are still here to assist you. Simply get in touch via the tenant app and, in an emergency, someone will, of course, come to your ZIMMEREI property.

  • Will there be a new facilities manager?

    What we can promise you is that your ZIMMEREI building will remain in good hands. As we are increasingly taking advantage of digital solutions, there is no longer any need for a facilities manager to be on-site 24/7.

  • How do I get my hands on the cool ZIMMEREI cup and lanyard?

    These are available from our promo team, who will be around at your ZIMMEREI building to help you in the first few days after the changeover. The team consists of other tenants who are already a bit more familiar with the new system, e.g. the new tenant app. Just let them know if you have any questions. They will also show you how to log into the app and assist you if you have any problems.

  • How can I reach you in an emergency, if not via the app or customer service line?

    You will find a list of emergency numbers on a notice in your ZIMMEREI building.

DIE ZIMMEREI, also available as an app.

Rent agreement signed and sealed? Thanks to the ZIMMEREI app, you have all the important information about your new home at your fingertips. Check your rental documents online, ask any urgent questions or see whether there’s any news for you – all in the app.

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